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C.J. Ehrlich C.J. Ehrlich’s award-winning plays have enjoyed over 150 productions and staged readings in 27 US states and internationally, in exotic locales such as Austin, Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Louisville, Milwaukee, Manhattan, Kealakekua, Valdez Alaska, Kitchener Ontario, Chennai (India), Liverpool, Wogonga (Australia) and alongside the Panama Canal. (On the wish list, Djibouti, Ypsilanti, and Pyong Yang -- coming tantalizingly close with Seoul, South Korea.)

Producing partners include the Samuel French Off-Off-Broadway Fest, Rover Dramawerks, Rising Sun Performance Company, 4C Theatre, SourceDC, Little Fish (Los Angeles), the Boston Theatre Marathon, JWTLA, Theatre Ariel, Heartland Theatre, and the Last Frontier Conference. Recognitions include Charles Getchell finalist, Heideman Award finalists, SETC state winner in Virginia, and many Audience Choice and Best of Fest awards.

Other pursuits include travel, book editing, theatre administration, actorating, instructing impressionable youth in the fine art of the spit take, smashing computers for a paycheck, driving ambulances, appreciating the nuances of wet collodion on silver, moving from one place to another and back again, kibbitzing, kvetching and kvelling, and, perhaps closest to her heart, mentoring and hectoring.

C.J. currently resides in several parts of the northeast under various assumed identities. Fortunately, most of those files have been sealed. Enough said?

List of productions and staged readings

& c.

Member, The Dramatists Guild of America

Member, International Center for Women Playwrights

Member, Westchester Collaborative Theatre

Prior member, Philadelphia Dramatists, Brooklyn Playwrights

Producer and Director credits with:

Westchester Collaborative Theatre

Incoming Tide Productions

Manhattan Theatre Source

Brooklyn Playwrights Collective

The Chappaqua Drama Group

Chappaqua Library Theatre

Hudson Valley Planned Parenthood

Arqule Corp

Maynard High School

Children's Workshops creator/mentor: playwriting, stop-motion animation, stagecraft, improv.

I learned a ton from these folks:

Dramatists Guild Institute - Gary Garrison, Roland Tec, Tari Stratton et al

Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive

HB Studios - Carl Capotorto, Jeffrey Sweet, Julie McKee (invitational)

Upright Citizens Brigade - Rebecca Drysdale, Margot Leitman

Tisch Musical Theatre at NYU (summer program) - Rob Hartmann

Bernard Kops (invitational), London England

Herbert Mark Newman Theatre - Stacey Swedeen

Education and Certifications:

MSc, Computer Engineering, Boston University

BA, Semiotics/Development Studies, Brown University

Licensed RN, NYS-Certified EMT

Certified LASER Safety Specialist...