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Donations uplift all the work we do, and help us make connections with Jewish theatre artists worldwide. The following individuals have made our work here at AJT possible – and they are remembered and embedded in our hearts with gratitude and appreciation.

Listed in Alphabetical Order by Last Name; Includes Donors Since August 2023


Deborah Adabachi

Arthur Adler

Sheri Allen

Jesse Bernstein

Barbara Brooks

Michelle Kholos Brooks

Marla Brown

David Y. Chack

Samuel Egber

Kathi Frankel

Linda Grissom

Leah Hamos

Aaron Henne

Tyler Herman

Beth Hochhauser

Shawna M. James



Phil Johnson

Si Kahn

Carole Kleinberg

Fran Handman

Fred Kempner

Hank Kimmel

Georgia Kimmel

Lois Kimmel

Edward and Lucille Kimmel Foundation

Melvin Konner

Wendy Kout

Joey Landwehr

Joshua Mann

Vynnie Meli

Susan Morgenstern




David Olson

Tiffany Parks

Gary Perchick

David Rodwin

Samuel Rosenblatt

Michelle Rosenfeld

Lisa Landau Rudner

Lauren Schaffel

Scott Shernan

Michelle Slonim

Ronda Spinak

Alan Stein

Gwydion Suilebahn

Elyssa Nicole Trust

Simon Weissner

Catherine Weingarten


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