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The Alliance for Jewish Theatre is an international network whose members are committed to the enhancement of Jewish culture through the theatre arts. Members include:

  • Theatres and other organizations of varying sizes from around the world
  • Individual playwrights, directors, artistic directors, dramaturgs, critics, and others interested in the furthering of Jewish theatre

Why join AJT?

Your membership provides exclusive access to webinars, conversations, international performances and peer meetings while sharing your story with Jewish organizations and professionals around the world.

Join or renew your AJT membership now for 2023! Your membership lasts 1 or 2 years from the date you pay for it. 



Annual Membership


  • $25: for Student (Aged 18-25, currently a student) 
  • $118 for Individuals
  • $218: Large Theatre (annual budget $100,000+ USD$) [comes with 3 individual memberships]
  • $175: Mid-Size Theatre (annual budget $50,000-100,000 USD$) [comes with 2 individual memberships]
  • $118: Small Theatre (annual budget < $50,000 USD$) [comes with 1 individual membership]
  • $18: Current Theatremacher 


2-Year Membership


  • $39: for Student (Aged 18-25, currently a student)
  • $200: Individuals
  • $400 US: Large Theatre [comes with 3 individual memberships]
  • $314 US: Mid-Size Theatre [comes with 2 individual memberships]
  • $200 US: Small Theatre [comes with 1 individual membership]