Ron Elisha is a playwright based in Melbourne, Australia.

His stage plays include In Duty Bound (1979), Einstein (1981), Two (1983), Pax Americana (1984), The Levine Comedy (1986), Safe House (1989), Esterhaz (1990), Impropriety (1993), Choice (1994), Unknown Soldier (1996), The Goldberg Variations (2000), A Tree, Falling (2003), Ladies & Gentlemen (2004), Wrongful Life (2005), Controlled Crying (2006), Renaissance (2006), The Schelling Point (2010), Carbon Dating (2011), Stainless Steel Rat (2011, produced in London in 2012 under the title Man In The Middle), The Crown Versus Winslow (2011), Love Field (2013), The Soul Of Wittgenstein (2016), Certificate Of Life (2017), Window (2017), Unsolicited Male (2018), I Really Don’t Care (2019), Falling In Love Again (2020), Donating Felix (2020) and Everyman & His Dog (2022). He has also written a telemovie, Death Duties (1991), two children’s books, Pigtales (1994) and Too Big (1997), and hundreds of feature articles and stories in a variety of magazines, newspapers and journals.

His plays have been produced throughout Australia, New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Israel and France, and have won a number of awards, including four Australian Writers’ Guild Awards, the Mitch Matthews Award (2006) and the Houston International Film Festival Award for Best Screenplay. He has also been shortlisted for many awards over the years, including the Carlo Annoni International Playwriting Award (2021 – finalist), the Woodward International Playwriting Award (2020 – finalist), the Patrick White Award (twice, most recently in 2019), the Screencraft Stage Play Contest (semi-finalist 2019), the Noosa Arts One Act Play Competition (2020), the Griffin Award (five times), The Victorian Green Room Awards (twice), the Australian Writers’ Guild (four times) and various state Premiers’ Awards.

His most recent play, a one-woman show entitled ‘Anne Being Frank’ is scheduled for an off-Broadway production in September 2023, and two new plays, ‘Rootless Cosmopolitans’ and ‘A Show About Nothing’ are scheduled for production in Melbourne in 2023.