Jewish Theatre of Bloomington

Jewish Theatre of Bloomington, Indiana's only Jewish Theatre Company, is deeply committed to both Jewish culture and the theatre. It is our intent to produce works that arise from or reflect the Jewish experience, but that also focus on universal issues of the human condition that are accessible to a diverse audience. Our aim is to bring together an audience of Jews and non-Jews to explore aspects of Jewish life in a modern world.


The genre of Jewish theatre is a vibrant performing arts experience with a rich and long standing international history. "For me, it is  an extension or outgrowth of what I had been doing informally for several years in the Jewish community," says Audrey Heller, Producing Artistic Director. 

With a deep commitment to both Jewish culture and the theatre, the formation of a Jewish theatre company seemed a natural thing to do. So in 2005, the Jewish Theatre of Bloomington (JTB) proudly took its place as the only one of its kind located in Indiana, co-founded by Audrey Heller.