Bema Productions Victorias Jewish Theatre Canada-2

Bēma Productions at Congregation Emanu-El. The mission of Bema Productions is to produce thought-provoking, passionate, and entertaining plays that speak to the universal human condition, embrace the society at large and celebrate the distinctive voice and social vision that are part of the Jewish experience and cultural legacy. 

Bema builds bridges and fosters relations between the Jewish community and the non-Jewish community through the shared experiences as volunteers, actors, and audiences.  Bema Productions represents a center where the community at large is welcomed and embraced. We believe that theatre is about community building; its role is to reflect the audience back to itself and so, illuminate us all.  By drawing on Jewish experience, we shed light on our common experience. 

Bema is proud to foster and encourage the creations of new plays and productions that support Bema’s mandate. Bema Productions invites new play submissions and welcomes volunteers who may be interested in our projects and who have an interest and/or experience in theatre both on and off the stage.