The Telling Monologues

Alliance for Jewish Theatre (AJT) is excited to announce our first virtual theatre project: The Telling Monologues. AJT invites you to submit 1-3 minute monologues on the theme of Passover using the hashtag #PassoverTellingProject.

The international crisis with COVID-19 is leading up to one of our major holidays, Passover. Given the Jewish people’s history, we feel the significance of this parallel. Each year, we read from the Haggadah (The Telling, aptly enough), and it tells us that the Israelites gathered and shared stories during a time of crisis.

Passover is about creating community. What were these communities like? Quite similar to what we’re experiencing now: Small, usually one family to a household. They ate together. They lived and stayed in one place. They couldn’t leave their homes.

We are in a time of plague once more, and we can join together and maintain a sense of hope, a sense of love. Passover provides this inspiration: it is a universal story, a story of freedom, of redemption, of coming out of oppression.

What is your Passover Message?

AJT invites you to submit a 1-3 minute monologue on Facebook and Twitter on the theme of Passover. Feel free to use one of the following thematic prompts:

  • Liberation
  • Community
  • Performance
  • Service

Using the hashtag #PassoverTellingProject, you may either:

1. Submit text as a playwright: AJT will help you connect with a theatre artist to learn, perform, and record it for you and add the additional hashtag #TellThisStory
2. Submit video as a performer. Monologues can be written, rehearsed, performed, and recorded on video remotely from the comfort (and safety!) of the actors’ homes.

Submissions will be accepted through Wednesday, April 1; after, we will publish them on our channels. If your monologue contains sensitive material, please include a content warning. AJT has a zero tolerance policy for any hateful, oppressive, and discriminatory submissions. And mamash, we know we like to talk, but please honor the 1-3 minute time limit.

Email with any questions or concerns.

May this Passover be one where we tell the stories of the past, present, and future that lead to our redemption and propel us into freedom. #PassoverTellingProject


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