Theatre Ariel

PO Box 0334
Merion. PA 19066
Phone: (610) 667-9230
Artistic Director: Deborah Baer Mozes
Business Manager: Rebecca Cureton

Founded in I990, Theatre Ariel is Pennsylvania’s only professional theater dedicated to illuminating the rich social, cultural, and spiritual heritage of the Jewish people. Theatre Ariel entertains, enriches and educates audiences of all ages and cultures through the telling of Jewish Stories, celebrating the laughter and lessons of the shared human experience.

We believe that Jewish theater strengthens Jewish identity while also serving as a bridge between people of all cultures.

Theatre Ariel has created, commissioned, and contributed to the development of 82 new works by playwrights from around the country; performing for nearly 400,000 children, teens, families, and adults.

Theatre Ariel:
*produces SALON ARIEL; evenings of theatre performances in the intimate
settings of private homes followed by dessert and conversation
* creates tailor-made performances and programs for a wide range of community
organizations and private audiences
*receives recognition nationally and internationally as an innovator in Jewish theatre
*maintains close ties to the Israeli theater community
*presents Israeli plays, companies, and artists
*participates in Israeli and international conferences
*creates work that has been produced in theatres across the US and internationally
* established the first Jewish Ten-MInute Play festivals
* has been published in Voices from Ariel: Ten Minute Plays Exploring the Jewish
Experience (Dramatic Publishing)

2019-2020 Season
SALON ARIEL: Performances in the intimate setting of private homes
Salon#1: Exquisite Potential by Stephen Kaplan
Oct. 26 – Nov. 3, 2019
All parents think their children are great. Alan Zuckerman just happens to think his 3-year-old son, David, is the “Messiah”. Thirty years ago, Alan and his wife, Laura, visit their rabbi to verify David’s divine nature. Fast-forward to today, David is married to the Rabbi’s son. Together, they are raising their son and grappling with the family dynamics that evolve from a child being raised as the special one. Exquisite Potential is a funny and thought-provoking play for this era of helicopter parenting.

Salon #2: Handle With Care by Jason Odell Williams
Saturday, Dec.7 – Dec.15, 2019
Set in a rural Virginia motel, this bi-lingual (English/Hebrew) romantic comedy, with circumstances both hilarious and tragic brings together a young Israeli woman, who has little command of English, and a young American man, who has little command of romance. Is their inevitable love an accident … or is it destiny, generations in the making? “A hilarious and heartwarming romantic comedy… which exudes gobs of comic energy and insight. Mr. Williams has achieved something special: He has written a Jewish Christmas story.” —The New York Times (Critics’ Pick)

Salon#3: Dov & Ali by Anna Ziegler
Saturday, Feb. 8 – Feb. 16, 2020
Once upon a time, in the middle of a school, in the middle of Detroit, in the middle of the United States of America, there was a confused teacher and a precocious student. When Dov, an orthodox Jew, and Ali, a strict Muslim, get caught in a cultural crossfire, both are confronted with the same choice: Will they stand by their beliefs or face the devastating consequences? “A flawless play…In a time of ceaseless snark and cynicism, its earnestness in asking bigger questions can be downright refreshing.” – New York Times

Salon#4: The SCRIBE written and performed by Jesse Bernstein
Virtual Salon Performances May 27 -June 25, 2020
Summer Zoom Tour (available now)
A long-dead Scribe begins his yearly recitation of the Torah to a host of angels. 2,500 years after he compiled that sacred text, the Scribe wrestles with its genesis: the stories and laws he almost left out; the pressure to meet Nehemiah’s deadlines; the bickering Levites and Aaronites; while his boss, Ezra, refuses to help. The Scribe tries to come to grips with the legacy of his work — a bestseller, no less! — and the consequences of being the human mind that organized the word of God. From the actor/playwright of last season’s hit Ethics of The Fathers AKA The Gangster & the Grandpa comes a thoughtful, witty, irreverent, and soul searching new work.

Special Event: CABARET MIDDOT Celebrating Jewish Values & Ethics Through Song Monday, November 18, 2019


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