Sara Strassberg-Dayan

Sara Strassberg-Dayan
Playwright/Jewish Thought Lecturer
Born in Uruguay, grew up in Argentina, in Israel from 1975. Studied Philosophy and Theatre in the National University of Buenos Aires. Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1988. Jewish Thought Lecturer at the Ben Gurion University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Schechter Institute of Jerusalem.

She published in Buenos Aires three books (plays): “El ja-ja – La mala palabra” (“The Ja-Ja; The bad word”); “Socrates” and “El trigal y los cuervos” (Wheatfield with Crows”). All these plays and others were produced in Buenos Aires on stage, radio and television. “Socrates” won the Honour Band from the Writer’s Society from Argentina (SADE) in 1971. (Available in Spanish and Hebrew). “El trigal y los cuervos” (about the last years of the life of Vincent Van Gogh) won the First Award for Drama from the Municipality of Buenos Aires in 1973. It was produced by Argentine Television in 1973/4 in the series “Argentine Theater” under the direction of Carlos Muñoz. (Available in Spanish and Hebrew).

Her play “El rescoldo” (“Embers”, “HaGajelet”, about Warsaw Ghetto and the Holocaust) translated to Hebrew by Tal Nitzan, won in 1987 an award from Acum (the Israeli Society of Authors and Composers) and was published with her play “El vientre de la ballena” (“The Belly of the Whale”) in 1990 in the book “Beten HaLeviatan-HaGajelet” (Reshafim, Tel Aviv). The Belly of the Whale is also available in English. “El rescoldo” was published in Spanish in her book: “Teatro Judío e Israelí” (“Jewish and Israeli Theatre”), three plays, Dorgraf, Tel Aviv, 2006. The third play here, “Mascarada” (“Masquerade”, “Neshef Masejot”) was her first play written originally in Hebrew. It deals with the problems of israeli society today. It was presented as a staged reading at Beit Tami, Tel Aviv, in 2002. A second edition from “El rescoldo” in Spanish was published in La Torre de Babel, Israel, 2015.

In 1995 Sara Strassberg-Dayan published in Hebrew her philosophical book: “Iahid, Uma VeEnoshut” (“Individual, Nation and Mankind-The conception of Man in the Teachings of A.D.Gordon and Rabbi A.I.H. Kook”), Hakibbutz Hameujad, Tel Aviv.

In 2005, in Hebrew: “Misham VaHala” (“Therefore and Until Now”), with five plays: “The Ja-Ja; The Bad Word; Wheatfield with Crows; Socrates and Masquerade”, Iton 77, Tel Aviv. The Hebrew adaptation of “Socrates” was presented as a stage reading at Beit Tami in Tel Aviv in 2001.

In 2006, in Spanish: “Sócrates-El trigal y los cuervos”, Second edition together, Dorgraf, Tel Aviv.

In 2012, in Spanish: “Seis obras” (“Six plays”), Dorgraf, Tel Aviv.
In 2012, in Spanish: “Sócrates-El trigal y los cuervos”, Third edition, Libros en Red, Buenos Aires. First digital edition:
Her last play “Elisha ben Abuya”‘, written in Hebrew, was translated to Spanish and published in the book “Judaismo y Humanismo” (“Judaism and Humanism”), Dorgraf, Tel Aviv, 2017.

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