Hank Kimmel


1769 North Akin Drive
Atlanta, GA 30345
(404) 634-8334
(404) 735-9132 (cell)
(404) 634-7879 (direct fax)
Hank Kimmel is the President (and co-founder) of Working Title Playwrights, an Atlanta-based theater company dedicated to the development of playwrights and new plays – He also serves as the Assistant Managing Director for Jewish Theatre of the South’s reading series, “A Jewish Theatrical Buffet.”

In the Spring of 2007, Jewish Theatre of the South will present “Hank Kimmel’s Shorts” as its Spring Production. This compendium of short plays takes a “Woody Allen-esque romp through the suburbs, blind dating, the workplace, little league fields and your local neighborhood pharmacy.”

Mr. Kimmel also writes a theatre blog for, and serves on the Board of Georgia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. An attorney/mediator by trade, he also serves his community as a tennis coach, basketball coach and board member at The Temple in Atlanta. He is a long-time member of the Dramatists Guild.


Matzah for the Rich
(30 minutes—Drama/Adaptation)

An adaptation of a 19th Century short story by Avraham Reisen. It is the week before Passover, and the workers of a Russian bakery are frantic about who will get the biggest tip from the richest lady in town. (Permission granted.) 4 Women (W), 1 Male (M), 1 Boy (B). Simple set.

Saved on the Day of Atonement
(10 minutes. Comedy)

On the holiest day of the year, a man goes to synagogue but can’t find a place to sit – though there appears to be plenty of seats available.
5 characters (flexible casting). Simple set. Four chairs.

Father-Son Campout
(25 minutes. Historical drama/comedy)

Abraham has been commanded by God to sacrifice his son Isaac, but Isaac is not such a willing accomplice in this humanization of the Akedah (“binding”) story.”
2M. Simple set.

Father-Son Outing: The Trip to North Lake Mall
(10 minutes. Comedy)

In a modern rendition of the “binding story,” a father challenges his 11-year-old son to think beyond himself, and the son, in turn, forces his father to re-think his understanding of the Biblical classic.
1M, 1B. Simple set.

Malice at the Palace
(75 minutes. Comedy/Adaptation)

The true story of Purim is no laughing matter in this comic dramatization from the Book of Esther.
6 characters – 5M, 1F or 3M, 3F. Simple set.

Winners Never Quit
(10 minutes. Comedy)

After seeing his 10-year-old son strike out four times in a JCC league game (where everyone gets a participation trophy), a father tries to inspire his son to keep playing – but not quite in the way either expects.
1M, 1B. Simple set

Your Local Neighborhood Pharmacy
(15 or 30 minutes: two versions. Comedy)

A man with an acute case of social anxiety goes to the pharmacy late at night to get his prescription filled – and finds an unexpected cure to his problem.
3M, 1F. Simple set.

The Education of Benjamin First
(90 minutes. Dramatic comedy)

When a 14-year-old Jewish boys goes to the most exclusive boarding school in the United States, he – and his African-American roommate – aren’t sure they have what it takes to survive the year.
2M (White, African-American), 2B (White, African-American)

Early Morning Appointment
(10 minutes. Comedy)

A homemaker/mother waits for an early-morning service delivery call she hopes won’t take the rest of the day – or the rest of her life.
1 M, 1F. Simple set.

King David and the Giant
(60 minutes. Adaptqation/Comedy)
Long after his greatest victory, David meets Goliath’s angry brother and in order to survive, the aging king must rely on those whose courage he otherwise questions.
8 characters – 5M, 3F (flexible casting possible). Simple set/staging.

Tinted Window
(20 minutes. Drama)
A big storm approaches, and Frank Meyer, a 52-year-old Jewish man, can’t decide whether to take care of his unprotected boat or his ill wife.
1M, 1W. Simple set.

Freedom From Religion
(10 minutes. Drama)
There’s a dead boy on stage, and a respected member of the community tries to persuade a 12-year-old girl to get it off – in an allegorical play about the future of religion.
2M, 1G. Simple set.

Proper Business Etiqette
(10 minutes. Comedy)
Two co-workers (one African-American, one Jewish) at a technology conference aren’t sure whether to speak up when they see their boss in a compromising situation, and when they finally say something, they wish they hadn’t.
3M (1 African-American, 2 White)

Redemption of a Football Widow
(10 minutes. Comedy/Drama)
A woman threatens to commit suicide during the waning moments of the 1991 Super Bowl, and her husband, a life-long New York Giants fan, is stuck between divided loyalties.
1M, 1W. Simple set.

Politically Incorrect Dating
(10 minutes. Comedy)
Jessica thinks she has found the perfect date for her friend Scott, but there’s a problem: Scott, a White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, isn’t as open-minded as he thinks to pursue this dream person.
1M, 1W. Simple set.

Table for One
(10 minutes. Drama/Comedy. Longer version available) Bad service at a good restaurant leads to an unexpected friendship between a 72-year-old Jewish widower and his 32-year-old African-American bus boy, both of whom are otherwise destined to finish the day in complete isolation.

The Cycle Of Death
(10 minutes. Drama) A man summoned to a funeral parlor must figure out why the three other people he meets are playing an odd game of musical chairs in a short play about remembrance and forgetting.
2M (1 African-American), 2F.

Holiday Dis-Enchantment: A winter holiday Jewish Christmas Comedy Show
(30 minutes. Comedy)
Holiday Dis-Enchantment: A Winter Holiday Jewish Christmas Comedy Show includes two short plays, a vignette and two short monologues that are tied together by one main principal: the discomfort a Jew faces at Christmas time. Sometimes this discomfort is gnawing, unknown, relished. In this piece, its always tinged with humor.
5-11 characters (flexible casting)


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