David Rush


1622 Tina Drive
Murphysboro, IL 62966
618 319 2037
Mission Statement: To write plays that reflect my heritage and express my vision of life.

DavidRushDAVID RUSH has had productions of plays in major venues and has won many awards. Relevant here is work done at the Jewish Ensemble Theater (Chicago), the Jewish Rep (NYC) and recently The Jewish Plays Project (NYC). Many of his plays are infused with his Judaic sensibility, but those dealing with specific Jewish themes, characters or situation are described here.

MILLER AND THE JABBERWOCK A senior professor of political philosophy is accused of anti-semitism in his classroom by a Holocaust descendant. Today he faces a committee which will decide his future. Stage Left Theater, Chicago.

ESTELLE SINGERMAN Estelle is an elderly widow looking for immortality on one magical night in Chicago as she and Warren race through a surreal Chagall-like nightscape trying to avoid a killer unicorn. First Prize winner: 2013 Jewish Play Project contest. Best Play: Dayton Future Fest.

FEATHERS IN THE WIND (book & lyrics) A musical tapestry that uses the folk tales of the wise fools of Chelm to fashion a tale of faith, as Rabbi Itzik searches the world over for his villagers. Produced in Chicago (A Jeff Recommended show) and published by

PRAIRIE LIGHTS (Lyrics) A musical based on the Orphan Trains. Two Jewish orphans are taken in by the only Jews in Wellsprings, Nebraska. As the town deals with prejudice and fear, the youngsters bring renewed faith and love during the holiday season. Produced at Stage Left (Chicago), many synagogues and theaters, and published by Dramatic Publishing Co.

LENNY A solo play about Leonard Bernstein.

ELEPHANTS A retired druggist and a street lady conspire on a drug deal. Produced by Jewish Repertory Theater (NYC).


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