Barbara Trainin Blank

Plays include What to Do about Klinghoffer? The Trial of Herschel Grynzpan, Midnight Ride, The Happy Sheep, Crossing our Red Sea, Like a Rolling Stone, Get a Get, Don’t Second-Guess God, Threshing Floor and Couch or Bed — two plays about Ruth and Boaz — Illuminations, Lion of Judah, Shiva Call, and Illumination, as well as several short and full-length plays not about Jewish themes. Art Age Senior Theatre published three of my plays that happened to be Jewish-themed: How to Marry a Rabbi, Hanukkah Santa, and Not Kate or Leo, about the Strauses on The Titanic. Dramatic Publishing published “Haircuts,” as part of an anthology of plays about Shakespeare’s Women, called “As She Likes It.” Also have written novels (as yet unpublished) and short stories in addition to my career as a journalist and arts reporter.


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