Event 8 details

EVENT 8: AJT Second Performance Event
A selection of performance projects chosen by AJT

Monday, October 26, 8pm – 9:30pm Eastern Time (5pm – 6:30pm Pacific Time)
True Colors from The Braid / Jewish Women’s Theatre’s Salon in Los Angeles material curated and adapted by Ronda Spinak and directed by Susan Morgenstern includes Both/And by Maria Ramos-Chertok and performed by Heidi Mendez, Kimchi on the Seder Plate by Rabbi Angela Buchdahl, adapted from an interview by Ronda Spinak, and performed by Kimberly Green, and Special written and performed by Joshua Silverstein
A Pickle by Deborah Yarchun (NYC) and performed by Sally Wingert* (St. Paul, MN)
Our Holy Leader on Trial by Hank Kimmel, (Atlanta, GA), directed by Mira Hirsch, (Atlanta, GA), and performed by Minka Wiltz*
Deadlift written and performed by Aviva Pressman* (Los Angeles) and directed by Zandi Carlson (Seattle)
Eight Nights by Jennifer Maisel and directed by Emily Chase performed with the original cast from the Antaeus Theatre Company production (Zoe Yale, Tessa Auberjonois*, Arye Gross*, Josh Zuckerman, Karen Malina White*, and Christopher Watson).


True Colors (three excerpts)

from The Braid / Jewish Women’s Theatre’s Salon
material curated and adapted by Ronda Spinak
original show co-produced by Eric Greene
directed by Susan Morgenstern
Images, Titles, and Technical Assistance – Daphna Shull

These humorous, revealing and inspiring stories explore identity, community and what it means to be a Jew of Color today. The daughter of a Jewish mother who converts to Catholicism and marries a Cuban man understands from her Bubbe that she is Jewish, but doesn’t know how to reconcile the two parts of herself. A Korean Jewish girl wants to become a rabbi, but fears she will never be accepted in the religion she loves but that treats her like an outsider. Growing up the son of a Black Christian mother and Ashkenazi father made this performance artist feel special.


written by Maria Ramos-Chertok
performed by Heidi Mendez

Kimchi on the Seder Plate

written by Rabbi Angela Buchdahl
adapted from an interview by Ronda Spinak
performed by Kimberly Green


written and performed by Joshua Silverstein

These stories were first presented in the 2019 World Premiere of The Braid / Jewish Women’s Theatre Salon Show, True Colors. The Braid is the new name for Jewish Women’s Theatre, located in Santa Monica, California, now presenting its repertoire of shows Live on Zoom worldwide and streaming on

A Pickle (an excerpt)

written by Deborah Yarchun (NYC)
directed by Jess Chayes (Vermont)
performed by Sally Wingert* (St. Paul, MN)

For the second year in a row, the Minnesota State Fair rejects Doris Rubenstein’s traditional kosher dill pickles. When Doris confronts the judges, it becomes clear that they don’t understand her traditional Jewish brining process. They also inform her they have “a difficult time judging recently arrived immigrant groups.” Doris realizes there’s more than pickles fermenting, there’s hell to raise. A Pickle is a darkly comedic look at prejudice and the power of Chutzpah (outrageous gumption). Based on a true story.

Our Holy Leader on Trial

our-holy-leaderwritten by Hank Kimmel, (Atlanta, GA)
directed by Mira Hirsch, (Atlanta, GA)
performed by Minka Wiltz* (Bloomington, IN)

While being put on trial, Our Holy Leader, a historical and religious legend, challenges her own convictions and ours — as we the jury are about to pass judgment.

Deadlift (excerpt)

written and performed by Aviva Pressman* (Los Angeles)
directed by Zandi Carlson (Seattle)

Deadlift is a brand new dark comedy exploring what it is to be weird and Jewish, dealing with grief, and dressing up your father’s ashes for Halloween. Deadlift is told through song and storytelling while creating live visual art. The show is bound to make you feel guilty about how much you’re laughing.

Catch the whole thing here on Tuesday, November 10 at 7pm Pacific Time

Eight Nights (excerpt)

written by Jennifer Maisel
directed by Emily Chase

Younger Rebecca/Amy – Zoe Yale
Anna/Older Rebecca – Tessa Auberjonois*
Erich – Arye Gross*
Aaron – Josh Zuckerman
Arlene – Karen Malina White*
Benjamin – Christopher Watson

Eight Nights tells the story of a nineteen-year-old German-Jewish refugee, Rebecca Blum, as she forges a new life in America after surviving a concentration camp. Gracefully weaving heart-aching moments with dark yet life-affirming humor, the play takes place over the eight nights of Hanukkah, spanning eight decades of her life. Eight Nights explores the refugee experience, not just of Jewish immigrants, but also the trauma mirrored in the African-American community, the interned Japanese citizens, and the current Syrian crisis.

Eight Nights had its world premiere with Antaeus Theatre Company in Glendale, California in October of 2019.  The cast for these scenes and the director have graciously come together again to do this zoom performance.

Photos from the premiere of Eight Nights at Antaeus Theatre Company
Written by Jennifer Maisel
Directed by Emily Chase
Scenic Designer: Edward E. Haynes, Jr.
Costume Designer: Alex Jaeger
Lighting Designer: Karyn Lawrence
Sound Designer: Jeff Gardner
Props Designer: Shen Heckel
New Play Dramaturg: Paula Cizmar
Photographer: Jenny Graham
Archival Videographer: John Apicella
Video Direction and Narration by Emily Chase

*Denotes member of AEA, the union that represents live theatrical actors, performers, and Stage Managers.

We wish to express our gratitude to the Performers’ Unions:


through Theatre Authority, Inc. for their cooperation in permitting the Artists to appear on this program.

  • Tickets: $15-$25 tickets
  • If you register and pay for the conference, you will receive access to all 3 performance events in addition to the panels and workshops.

Description: A selection of performance projects chosen by AJT from AJT’s performance proposal requests. The second of three performance events.

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