Boston…And Beyond

Hank Kimmel, President of the Alliance for Jewish Theatre

Dear Friends,

For me an AJT conference, is like going to sleep-away camp — where memories and fellowship are even more exciting than “bunking it” away from home. So connecting with many new and long-time friends/colleagues, I once again found inspiration…and I came away with these as my main thoughts:

  • “What is Jewish Theatre?” leads us to confront “Why Jewish Theatre?” and “How?”
  • We should THINK BIG, going beyond our past successes — as Interplay Theatre (Cleveland), CenterStage Theatre (Rochester), Jewish Women’s Theatre (Los Angeles), and others in ourAlliance exemplify.
  • The AJT Theatremachers fellowship program sponsored by the Covenant Foundation is already rejuvenating Jewish theatre artistically and professionally. We love your energy!

NOW more than ever, a priority for AJT is to be sustainable programmatically and financially. As Board President, I am committed to making that happen. I ask you to join with me to fulfill that aim so we can continue to Connect Jewish Theatre to the World. Here is a donations link and I strongly encourage your participation.

Feel free to contact me or David Chack at any time — on any aspect about AJT. You are the ones who will make us strong. And let us go from “strength to strength” as we move forward in our unique, creative, and important community.