AJT – the ALLIANCE for Jewish Theatre

Dear Colleagues,

We’re ready!  For AJT to launch into a new era.

  • Check out our new name — The Alliance for Jewish Theatre — with our new tag line Connecting Jewish Theatre to the World
  • Check out our new logo and branding (shout out to Flock Studios and Ana Jimenez in San Diego for the design work)
  • Check out our new vision and values statements supporting our updated mission

These elements, passed overwhelmingly by the Board after the last board meeting, will be included in our by-laws. Believe me, a lot of time, thought, discussion (including our board retreat in Philadelphia with a professional organizational facilitator a couple of years ago at Susan Lodish’s house – thank you Susan) and work went into the creation of what will now become the guiding force of our organization. Special thanks to Executive Director David Chack for his persistence through the years, so that this critical change happened, and allows us as an organization to meet the needs of our membership and the world of Jewish theatre of all kinds. This “refresh” will immediately inform our conversations with future members, partners and benefactors.

My thanks go to all for coming together at our conferences, being consulted through surveys, letting us know in messaging and meeting us at our AJT Pop-ups about our changes. Already I’ve used the tag line Connecting Jewish Theatre to the World in meeting people and it was refreshing to clearly describe who we are and what we do in such simple yet meaningful language. Try it because you are our best representatives.

So after being refreshed — renew, renew, renew your membership as soon as you can — and urge others to do the same. And if you’re inclined and able to make a year-end monetary contribution (the Alliance for Jewish Theatre is a 501c3 non profit), please consider this. And yes, you can write checks to the Alliance for Jewish Theatre. Woo hoo!

Onward – Kadimah,
President of the Alliance for Jewish Theatre

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