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Tovah Feldshuh, Adam Kantor, Jacqueline Goldfinger, and more!

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AJT 2018 Conference

Join us Oct 21-23 in Philadelphia, for our conference... This year, themed Connecting • Learning & Doing • Inspiring.

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theatre dybbuk

mythic. jewish. theatre.

aaron henne — artistic director
barbara mueller-wittmann — managing director
clay steakley — marketing and communications director

mission: theatre dybbuk illuminates the universal human experience by creating provocative theatrical presentations based on Jewish myths, folklore and history.

process: We develop all of our projects through a process which takes from 6 months to 2 years. These productions incorporate lyrical language, stylized movement and visceral metaphors to create expressionistic, singularly theatrical experiences.


cave…a dance for lilith
premiered november 2012 in downtown los angeles.

Lilith, the primary demon figure in Jewish folklore, who was also said to be the first woman before Eve, serves as the inspiration for this dance theatre extravaganza, which also incorporates Hebrew Goddess mythology, Kabbalistic concepts of creation and multicultural narratives of oppression and freedom. Co-Production with L.A. Contemporary Dance Company.
currently available for touring. please contact us for more information.

in development

Prayer services, be they on any given Friday evening for Shabbat or during the high holidays, are a time of worship, reflection, questioning and communion. They can also be uniquely theatrical, filled with rich language, insightful thoughts, dramatic stories and passionate music making. vessels will unpack the vivid drama and moving humanity inherent in these experiences through a series of works designed to illuminate the temple services by investigating their histories, legacies and structures in intensely physical and poetic ways.

in development

Sabbatai Tzvi was a 17th Century Jewish Mystic who thousands of followers believed was the messiah. Ten years before his death, this leader converted to Islam. The unusual events of his life will serve as the basis for a production that will pose questions about the nature of unity and the close relationship between Judaism and Islam.


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