The Braid


Ronda Spinak, Artistic Director

Susan Morgenstern, Producing Director

THE BRAID engages, educates, entertains and creates a living legacy by inspiring Jewish stories that
connect us all. As the Jewish story company that pioneered a new theatrical art form called Salon
Theatre, we give voice to diverse contemporary stories grounded in Jewish culture and experience.
Since 2008, our growing collection of 75 original Salon Theatre shows have illuminated varied themes like
forgiveness, food, family, and freedom, touching hearts and creating real change, including combatting
antisemitism. Seminal shows newly spotlight the true stories of women rabbis, Persians, Latinx, and
Russian Jews, and Jews of Color. Our recently launched StoryNosh is also releasing digitally “bite-sized”
Jewish stories on YouTube for all to enjoy.
In 2021, The Braid’s commissioned work, Stories from the Violins of Hope, was shared in 30 countries in
partnership with the United Nations Outreach Programme on the Holocaust. It’s been translated into
Spanish and Portuguese, was featured in the 2022 Greenwich International Film Festival and premiered
live in Australia in May 2023. The Braid’s commissioned Not That Jewish, by Emmy Award-winning
writer Monica Piper, ran over 16 months in LA followed by a successful off-Broadway run. Other hit shows
feature Rain Pryor, TikTok star Annie Korzen, and master storyteller Vicki Juditz.
We are highly invested in ensuring next generations have an artistic platform and inclusive community to
celebrate the diversity in Jewish culture through our NEXT Emerging Artists Program.
The Braid performs across the country and is accessible globally via Zoom performances, our podcast
AudioNosh, StoryNosh, streaming on ChaiFlicks, and other online platforms.



Remembrance of Things Present
January 19 – February 6, 2023
Empowering stories from the children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors.

Out Loud
March 12 – March 30, 2023
Poignant and hilarious stories that explore love, loss, and cross-cultural queer identities through a Jewish

What A Surprise!
May 7 – June 11, 2023
True stories of life’s surprises and the Jewish values that met the moment.


Sweet Tea & The Southern Jew
January 9 – 23, 2022
Sharing stories of hospitality, good food, and sometimes not quite fitting in.

Star Spangled Sabra
March 6 – 27, 2022
Israelis living in the Diaspora exploring longing, loss and love. 

Wide Open
May 1 – 22, 2022
These true stories explore what happens when we take a chance and find a pleasant surprise or a less than perfect unexpected outcome.


AHA! Moments
January 9 – 18, 2021
Funny, truthful and endearing stories of the moment when you just knew” life was about to change…sometimes for the better, but not always.

Stories from The Violins of Hope
Jan. 31, Feb. 21, April 7-8, May 19, 2021
The Holocaust had silenced them, until an extraordinary violin-maker brought their voices back to life, and to the world.

Family Matters
March 6 – 15, 2021
We love them.  We hate them.  We can’t live with them; we can’t live without them.  The matters of family, and why family matters, are as old as the Bible. This show reveals our most personal family stories.

The Rest is History
May 13 – 24, 2021
When a group of young professional emerging artists reflect on their lives, family, love and what it means to be Jewish, be prepared to laugh, cry and be grateful our future is in good hands.

Persian Sunrise, American Sunset
June 19 – 28, 2021
From the sands of Persia to the shores of the United States, Iranians have made a life-altering journey and are redefining home.  But how does a community living outside its homeland define its heart?  These poignant, hilarious and heartbreaking stories will share their challenges and triumphs.


Mapping of the Mind
January 18 – February 3, 2020
Mental illness is no laughing matter, but these stories and poems just might surprise you with their humor, heart, courage and hope.

Sex, Addiction & Love in the 21st Century  (On Zoom) 
June 27-29, 2020 
These dangerous, outrageous, and oftentimes tender stories of the carnal sort will leave you panting and wanting more!

For Goodness’ Sake (On Zoom) 
July 1923, 25, 27August 5, 2020  
Hilarious and heartfelt stories of the places where our moral compass leads us – good and bad.!


Family Secrets
January 19 – February 12, 2019
Shhh.  It’s nobody’s business…stories of fauxpas, missteps and outrageous behaviors!

It’s a Life
March 9 – 28, 2019
Stories that celebrate life while looking at the ironic, mystifying, and oftentimes unbelievably funny events surrounding death.

True Colors
May 4 – May 21, 2019/Sept. 19 – 22, 2019
Humorous, revealing and inspiring stories from Jews of Color exploring identity, community and being a Jew in modern times.

The Way Home
June 8 – 18, 2019
Whether searching for community, embracing shelter, grappling with tradition or venturing into the unknown, home is personal and powerful to us all. What does it mean, physically, emotionally, and/or spiritually, to find your way home?

Living After
October 26 – 27, 2019
Poignant, moving and funny stories about what it means to live with and live after cancer.

A Very Happy Goyisha Hanukkah!
December 15 – 16, 2019
Join an Evangelical debutant on her journey from Our Daily Bread Daycare to chopped liver and latkes


The Accidental Activist
January 20 – 30, 2018
A moving and humorous show about people who act to right a wrong, help the helpless, or bring forth a smile where there was no hope.

Crossing the Red Sea
March 10 – April 7, 2018
A dozen original stories that transform the Passover story of Exodus into contemporary theatre.

Guilty Parties
May 5 – 22, 2018
A wild ride through the guilt of a new generation. From the things we should have done to actions we regret.

Sacred Resistance
June 21 – October 7, 2018 
A funny, thought-provoking, and moving show about one woman’s journey to do good in the world. Starring Vicki Juditz.


The Matzo Ball Diaries
January 21 – February 6, 2017
This show reveals the secret stories of food and home. Laugh and cry and discover the power of food to nourish, heal or move us to action.

Fried Chicken & Latkes
Feb. 18 – June 3, 2017
Her father: a comic genius. Her mother: a Jewish go-go dancer turned astronomer.  A hilarious and heart-breaking show from Rain Pryor about growing up black and Jewish in Beverly Hills.

Exile: Kisses on Both Cheeks
March 18 – March 28, 2017
A Jewish immigrant story that is rarely told on stage. Until now.  The Sephardic legacy of family, community, and country, looking for home more than 500 years after the expulsion from Spain.

More Courage
May 6 – 16, 2017
Featuring stories by Jews and Muslims that illuminate our humanity, celebrate universal themes, and connect us all.

The Space Between
June 14 – 25, 2017
See how a new generation takes on the comedy and heartbreak of reaching for common ground.

Annie Korzen Famous Actress
August 3 – October 22, 2017
Annie Korzen (Seinfeld’s Doris Klompus) knows what she wants out of life – until life proves her wrong!


January 17 – February 1, 2016
This show examines the eternal conundrum of temptation through words and music, and looks at moments in life that are too tempting to resist, and the consequences of taking a bite out of various forbidden fruits.

The Blessing of a Broken Heart
February 11 –  March 20, 2016
This one-woman show follows Sherri Mandell, a young American mother, who moves her family from Maryland to the wilderness of Israel in search of meaning and adventure. When a shocking tragedy hits her family, she embarks on a profound journey of discovery and spiritual transcendence. Starring Lisa Robins.

Beyond Jacob’s Ladder
March 6 – 21, 2016
A modern retelling of an ancient story by 10 writers. These poignant stories are modern Midrashim on the Jacob passages from the bible.

Chutzpah & Salsa 
May 13 – 30, 2016
Stories, poems and songs written by Latino Jews reveal funny, poignant, and pivotal moments in their lives.


He Said…She Said
January 18 – February 2, 2015
A provocative show, full of surprises and laughs, as men and women tell all about food, family and fooling around.

March 15 – 31, 2015
This funny, poignant, perfect for Passover show explores how Jewish women break the ties that bind.

Reckoning with Dad
May 10 – June 1, 2015
Whether we love or hate the father figures in our lives, there comes a time when we must make war or peace with them.   Be prepared for an evening that is as often brutal as it is amusing.

My Bad, My Good
November 8  10, 2015
Honest, revealing and funny confessions of 20/30 somethings that will make you rethink your views about a new generation.

Past & Present: Russian Jewish American Stories
November 15 – 16, 2015
A unique show of stories, poetry, plays and song, which explores the humorous and poignant stories of Russian-speaking Jews – the life they lived in the FSU and the life they are living today as Americans.


Hold Me, Heal Me
January 12 – 31, 2014
This evening of stories, poems, plays and songs will make you laugh, cry, and remember how acts of kindness impact your life.

Sex, Lies & Virtual Relationships
March 16 – April 5, 2014
This provocative show explores the connect and disconnect of relationships in the age of the internet.

Unknown Stories of Biblical Proportions
May 18 – June 3, 2014
Any preconceptions are sure to be upended with this hilarious and provocative evening of stories, song and surprising moments that use Bible stories and sacred texts to reveal truths about our lives today.

Not That Jewish
November 13, 2014 – September 12, 2016
Emmy Award-winning comedy writer and comedian, Monica Piper, leaves audiences laughed out, a little teary-eyed, and happy to be Jewish…even those who aren’t…


The Art of Forgiveness
January 28 – 31, Feb 2 & 3, 2013
Is there an art to forgiveness? Jewish women reveal their secrets to forgiving. But do they ever forget?  Find out in this moving and thought-provoking show about what it means to truly forgive.

God Plans, And Woman Laughs
March 18 – 21, 23 & 24 2013
No matter how many plans are made, life is unpredictable. This evening of new material explores the often surprising outcomes to our hopes, dreams, and private wishes.

Oh, Mother!
May 20 – 23, 25 & 26 2013
Jewish women are setting the record straight about Jewish mothers. And there is nothing cliché about it! Don’t miss this must see” Mother’s Day show.


A Full Cup
January 30 – February 2, 2012
When Jewish women count the blessings in their lives, be prepared to laugh and cry in a no-hold-back show of quick wit and deep emotion about gratitude.

Saffron and Rosewater
March 19 – 22, 2012
The perfume of Iranian nights will transport you in a fragrant evening of stories, song and lovely surprises.  Material adapted from works by Esther Amini, Farideh Goldin, Gina Nahai, Angella Nazarian and Dora Levy Mossanen.

The Moment You Knew
June 6 – 8, 2012
Jewish women share moments of discovery and awakening, offering a poignant collection of revelatory work.


Jewish Women Do Men
February 6 – 8, 2011
They’re our fathers, brothers, sons and lovers.  Find out what a bunch of talented Jewish women are saying about the men they love AND the men they love to hate.

Eden According to Eve
April 4 – 6, 2011
What happens when beloved Jewish folktales and Bible stories are re-imagined from a feminine perspective and set in today’s world? Find out in this raucous and heartfelt evening of commissioned works.

Blessing of a Broken Heart
June 6 – 82011
Adapted from Sherri Mandel’s award-winning memoir of the same name, this heart-breaking story tells of one mother’s grief over the brutal murder of her son and how she manages to live again


Hey, Gorgeous!
January 11 – 13, 2010
Beauty in the time of Botox. Jewish women muse on what it means to be beautiful, inside and out.

You Call This Love?
March 22 – 24, 2010
Post Age of Aquarius, women ponder the questions: What is love? Do I get enough of it?Post Age of Aquarius, women ponder the questions: What is love? Do I get enough of it?

Stories From The Fringe: Women Rabbis, Revealed!
May 3 – 5, 2010
Culled from the transcripts of the documentary film about 18 LA women rabbis entitled, On the Fringe. Three actresses breathe life into the words and memories of 18 women rabbis of Los Angeles.


Pass the Salt
February 23 – 25, 2009
Stories about food, adapted from Mimi Sheraton’s book The Bialy Eaters by Ellen Sandler.

Say Yes
March 23 – 25, 2009
Unlikely women say yes to being Jewish.

May 4 – 6, 2009
Mothers and daughters joust about what it means to be family.


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