AJT is now an Alliance!AJT 2017 ConferenceAJT Special Achievements

AJT is now an Alliance!

AJT is now the Alliance for Jewish Theatre! What's in a name? Plenty...

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AJT 2017 Conference

Join us Oct 22-25 in Boston, for our conference... This year, themed around Collaboration.

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AJT Special Achievements

AJT recognized several members at our 2016 conference in St. Louis.

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Showcase (Playwrights, Solo Performers)

2017 Call for Submissions

A panel of peers will curate short-plays/sections from longer plays and solo performances for the conference Solo Performers’ and Playwrights’ Showcase. Pieces will be accepted on the basis of quality, connection to “Jewishness” however the theatre-maker defines it. All pieces must be performed in under 12 minutes.

Submissions for the 2017 Boston conference are closed.

Playwrights should submit an e-mailed script file PDF, and solo performers should submit an e-mailed link to a video online – Vimeo, Youtube, etc.

IMPORTANT: Playwrights and solo performers must be AJT members for their works to be performed, and must attend the conference. Submissions for the showcase can be made and the applicant can join the Alliance for Jewish Theatre upon acceptance.


Playwrights must submit an under 12 minute play or under 12 minute section of a longer play, encompassing any theme, topic, or idea in history, culture, religion, and/or Jewish identity. The piece must be no more than under 12 minutes in run length (typically ten pages). All submissions must include:

  • Playwright’s name and contact information
  • Cast of characters page, title page without the author’s name
  • Three sentence ‘elevator-pitch’ about the play and what is “Jewish” in it (from the playwright’s perspective) and if it relates to the theme “adaptation and transformation”
  • Production history, marketing, press or media about the play

Solo Performers

Solo performers must submit an under 12 minute or under 12 minute section of a longer solo work encompassing any theme, topic, or idea in history, culture, religion, and/or Jewish identity. All submissions must include:

  • Performer/Playwright’s name and contact information.
  • Three sentence ‘elevator-pitch’ about the performance and what is “Jewish” about it from the solo performer’s perspective; and if it relates to the theme “adaptation and transformation”
  • Written script of the exact under eight-minute section being performed and/or link to video. If no video is available of that piece, please send a link to another performance example.
  • Production history, marketing, press or additional information

Showcase Details

AJT will provide actors for the playwrights’ plays that are accepted to be performed ‘script-in-hand;’ a theatrical venue, lights (simple stage wash), ability to play recorded music, and simple tech (if you have specific needs please outline in your application). AJT will not guarantee any stage set pieces, piano, or intricate tech cues.

The AJT Conference will be October 22-25 2017, and the Showcase is currently scheduled for Tuesday evening October 24.

A familiarizing with the stage, tops and tails, will be scheduled before the Showcase. Rehearsals will be scheduled in Boston., before the conference at the convenience of AJT with Boston. local actors. AJT will pay the actors a $25 stipend for their work. The playwrights can be present if they choose but AJT is not responsible for their travel, room, and board.


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Support AJT

Your assistance supports the production of Jewish theatre around the world. Please make a tax-deductible donation today. AJT is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

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